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Ashton Neroes: The Bes Dad

Ashton Neroes, a man known by the alias “Best Dad” on YouTube, is set to face charges in connection with the savage slaying of his spouse. Legal documents reveal that Ashton Neroes became agitated when his wife initiated divorce proceedings, prompting him to unleash ten gunshots upon her in the presence of their children. The Texas prosecution has not yet confirmed whether they will pursue the death penalty in this case. Evidently, Ashton Neroes engaged in an extramarital affair with Markeita McCleary, and when she made the decision to seek a divorce, he responded with a barrage of ten bullets. Presently, Ashton Neroes is confined in a Dallas county penitentiary, his release pending upon the payment of a one-hundred-thousand-dollar bond. A Texan husband and father of three now faces accusations of homicide following the fatal shooting of his wife.

According to NBCDFW, on Sunday (October 18th), law enforcement in Mesquite, Texas—an affluent suburban enclave in close proximity to Dallas—discovered the lifeless body of twenty-eight-year-old Markeita McCleary, bearing multiple gunshot wounds, at approximately 5:34 p.m. local time.

Police authorities conveyed that McCleary was rushed to a nearby medical facility, where she was subsequently pronounced deceased.

Her twenty-eight-year-old husband, Ashton Neroes, was promptly apprehended and charged with murder in connection to the aforementioned shooting, as reported by the police. He is currently detained under a bail amount of one hundred thousand dollars.

According to unverified reports circulating on social media, Markeita recently exposed Ashton’s extramarital affair and expressed her intention to dissolve their marital union, mere moments prior to suffering the fatal onslaught of ten gunshots in front of their three children.

Ashton and Markeita were known for their extensive activity on Facebook, and news of the murder shocked those who regarded the couple as a flawless embodiment of family values on social media.

In addition to sharing portraits of their family, Ashton frequently published uplifting messages and passages from Christian scripture.

Furthermore, in a Facebook post that Ashton shared less than an hour before Markeita was discovered by the authorities, gravely penned the words, “Though closure eludes me, I shall depart as a victor, regardless.”

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