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Lucille Butterworth: Where Is She?

Lucille Butterworth – Missing from her family since 25th August 1969


Elegant, bright, friendly, graceful, bubbly, vivacious, popular…. Just a few words used to described Lucille Butterworth.


A dearly loved daughter, cherished sister, beloved aunt…


20 year old Lucille Gaye Butterworth was last seen on the 25th August 1969.


Lucille accepted a lift from a colleague after she had spent the day working at a local radio station. Her colleague dropped her off at a bus stop on Main Road, Claremont, north of Hobart Tasmania, where she planned to catch a bus to a Miss Tasmania Quest fundraising meeting in the town of New Norfolk (a 30 minute drive west of Hobart).


Lucille was close to her family, about to become engaged and had everything to live for. Lucille has failed to contact family, her boyfriend or friends since this time.


A coronial inquest held in 2018 found the initial investigations were not all thoroughly followed through with. Witnesses revealed at the inquest Lucille was picked up by an ‘old bomb’, a turquoise green Holden FB, after she missed the bus intended for New Norfolk. The Coroner found the car was driven by Geoffrey Hunt, who had also confessed to raping and murdering another Hobart woman in 1976. According to reports, he is said to have confessed to being involved in Lucille’s disappearance, while being questioned for the other crime. However this was not followed through at the time of confession.

“On the journey to New Norfolk, Mr Hunt stopped the FB Holden, strangled Ms Butterworth in the vehicle, and thereafter disposed of her body on the southern bank of the Derwent River,” he said.


“In the absence of any medical evidence I am unable to find the precise cause of Ms Butterworth’s death. I am unable to make any finding as to whether Miss Butterworth was alive or dead when Mr Hunt disposed of her body.” Public Prosecutions found there was not enough evidence to convict Hunt for Lucille’s abduction and murder.


Sadly since Lucille’s disappearance, both of her parents and her older brother Jim have since passed away. Her surviving brother John needs answers so he can lay Lucille at peace.


At the time of her disappearance, Lucille was 157cm tall with a slim build, blue eyes, blonde hair and fair complexion. Lucille would now be aged 72 years old.


PLEASE, if you have any information to locate Lucille please contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

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