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The Story of Chance Englebert’s Disappearance

July 6, 2019 —- Chance and B resided in Moorcroft, WY with their three-month-old son. Their marital relationship was not ideal; she was known to possess jealous tendencies and harbored disdain for his mother. B disapproved of the frequency of his interactions with his mother and would vent about Chance to Dawn, who responded by advising her to leave him if he was truly unbearable. Dawn, recognizing the need for intervention, encouraged them to seek marriage counseling and offered assistance in finding a counselor to address their issues. In the week leading up to Chance’s disappearance, a heated exchange took place between Chance and his mother, which concerned B. Apparently, Chance’s younger brother Miles urged him to leave and never return, resulting in a breakdown in communication between Chance and his family at the time of his disappearance. Dawn asserted that she refrained from interfering in Chance’s personal and marital affairs, believing it to be her way of assisting him. However, Chance was originally scheduled to visit his family on the weekend of July 4, but his wife persuaded him to spend time with her side of the family in Gering instead.

Chance, a diligent and devoted family man, would never intentionally cause harm to his loved ones. It is inconceivable that he would abandon them without notifying someone of his safety and whereabouts. He had plans to return home to Edgemont on the Sunday following July 4 to retrieve his welding helmet and other items essential for his new position at Blakeman Propane, which he was set to commence the following Monday. Consequently, he intended to reunite with his family on the very next day.

Chance and B spent the Fourth of July weekend in Gering, NE, visiting her relatives. They stayed at her grandparents’ residence and drove her gold-colored vehicle since Chance’s pickup truck was undergoing repairs in Moorcroft. Some speculate that they opted for the car due to its superior fuel efficiency. They were captured in photographs taken at the Bridgeport Rodeo on July 4, where Chance appeared joyous, accompanied by B holding their son, Banks. Chance could be seen sporting a black and white trucker hat while seated on the bleachers, exuding an air of contentment.

On Saturday, July 6th, B stated that “the guys” decided to play golf at Chimney Rock Golf Course in Bayard. According to Dawn, Chance had only played golf on a handful of occasions in his life. The bartender confirmed that Scott (B’s father) and Kyler (B’s sister Brodee’s boyfriend) were the only individuals golfing with Chance, as corroborated by Jeni Hove, a friend who was also present at the golf course. Photographs taken at the golf course show Chance wearing a grayish/white or purple/white striped Wrangler shirt, Wrangler jeans, a black and white trucker cap, a green and white woven belt adorned with a bareback champion buckle, Roper horseshoes, and white golf gloves on both hands in one of the pictures. The bartender noted that they were present at the course from 3:00 to 6:30.

The bartender recalled that an 18-pack of beer was purchased, and later on, someone returned to buy a second 18-pack. Although it was assumed that more people would join the group, this did not occur. When the men returned to the clubhouse after golfing, Scott and Chance were heavily intoxicated, while Kyler remained sober. B claimed that Chance phoned her to pick him up from the golf course and that he was in a remarkably cheerful mood. Contradicting her account, the bartender asserted that Chance was actually irate, belligerent, and noticeably inebriated. It has been suggested that an argument. Click to expand to view them.

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